Sunday, July 20, 2008


This weeks Illustration Friday topic is " Enough". I was inspired to do the Tadpole illustration, because this morning the Toads living in the pond, simply could not get "enough" of each other. As you can see in the next image below.

All right you guys "enough" already! They spent "enough" time together to lay "enough" eggs to spread throughout the pond.

Here is a picture of the eggs the female layed. Is the shot taken up close "enough"? It wont be long before we hear the splisher and splasher of little fins frolicking in the pond.

I zoomed in "enough" on this mini cactus blossom to make it look huge. Hope you like it.

The quail chicks are getting brave "enough" to come right up to my bedroom window. This picture was taken only a few feet away from these guys. I'm glad they wander on to the porch where they eat "enough" bugs and ants to keep me happy "enough". Had enough? Snuffs snuff!

*Update*... It only took one day for the eggs to hatch and out popped the little Tadpoles!

I thought I'd throw in this shot with dew on a Lily.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Finch Kaleidoscope

Here is a little looping anim I created to experiment with uploading Hi Def anims to Vimeo. They have received many requests from users who would like to embed the Hi Def movies to their sires and blogs. Until they ad this feature, my video's posted here will be viewable in regular resolutions.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Gomez and the Chick Overboard

I don't usually give any of my plants names, but for some reason I decided to name my Chilopsis "Gomez". Gomez almost didn't make it because he's still in a big pot, and the first spot I parked him in had way too much direct sunlight throughout the day. His leaves yellowed and developed brown spots. I moved him under the patio where he enjoys the shade much more. I'm glad he's happy and blooming again.

On a sad note however, another Dove chick got tossed from the nest. That last time this happened, I tried putting it back in the nest, but it still kept getting kicked out. This time I'll just blow him a kiss and let nature take its course.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Froggie Goes a Courting

This is a colored version of a page in a coloring book I designed a few years back. It ties in pretty well with the rest of this amphibious post.

A little while back I began to wonder who was coming to visit my pond after dark. I stepped out on the patio tonight and heard this very bizaare noise coming from over by the pond. It almost sounded like a distressed house cat.

Turns out it was these frogs raising a ruckus. It was too dark for the cam corder to capture video, yet I decided to have a go at it anyway so I could capture the audio. As soon as I can get that processed I'll get it posted. I decided to try the shot with my still camera to see if they would be visible with the flash. I thought there was only one frog in the pond, but when I uploaded the shots I was delighted to see there was two. As nifty as these little guys are, they are creating quite the din. My house is very well insulated with double pane windows, and the sound is still crashing its way in.

I wanted to post this selection from the photo above because he looks pretty cool closer up.
Hear the Frogs here.....



This guy came by for a wet one the other day. No fancy editing on this clip. I still need to edit the brightness and contrast a little better.