Friday, June 27, 2008

Monsoons, Toads, and Tweets

First Monsoon in June .

Well the Monsoons finally arrived. I shot this video yesterday from my back patio. The storm pulled in and released all of its fury. The Distillery fire was closing in fast and had already consumed thousands of acres. I was able to see the flames threatening Rincon Peak as they charred their way up over the ridge just a few miles from here. I have to admit it was starting to get a little scary. Then yesterday morning I awoke to discover that the fire was still heading this way. Thanks to all of the hotshots that have set up camp here in Vail, and the storm that dumped a deluge of rain, the fire is no longer a threat to Vail.

This morning I headed out side to do some weeding. It's a piece of cake weeding after a good soaker, otherwise the dirt is like cement and the weeds are nearly impossible to pull out. After about an hour and a half all the wild birds started barking at me. I guess they were getting thirsty and were not real happy with me being out there. I sat down for a break and noticed this beautiful yellow bird sitting in my Palm. I have noticed a handful of new species coming around, and I cant help to wonder if they are refugees from the fires.

I spotted this Horny Toad, and was ever so pleased that he stuck around long enough for me to get a good shot. Aint he sweet!? I also came face to face this morning with a Colorado Bullfrog. He managed to hop off before I returned with my camera. I got a shot of him last year though...he's over here

Here is a peek at the gorgeous skyscape from dusk last night.
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