Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Leslies Friends

I had a couple of young friends over the other morning. They gave me a hand in filming some of the birds that stop by for breakfast every morning. I added some footage of "Henery" the Coopers Hawk. Thank you for your help with this video Tristen and Kayla.

Friday, December 4, 2009

So Long Agave

Sadly the Agave did not survive the snout beetle feast. It was sad to have to see it go. I decided to replace it with a very cool mutant Barrel cactus, and a couple of Cholla's. They really seem to ad a lot more color to the pond area. Clicking the image will get you the zoomed in version. Thanks for peeking in!

Home Is Where the Hawk Is

These last few weeks have been good for getting pictures of Henery. He sat on the rail and let out a screech while preparing to pounce on a finch.

He is getting more brazen and less bothered by the paparazzi everyday.

He loves to park his tail feathers in the pond.

I guess while hunkered down like this in the water he must feel somewhat camouflaged enough to surprise a feathered morsel coming in for a drink. And there he will sit for up to an hour at a time watching the yard like a .......hey.......I guess he's doing his job and watching the yard like a Hawk. Oh Henery your simply awesome thanks for beautifying my yard.